Life and Learning

  • Be Healthy and Carefree
    • Employee Restaurant: Offers healthy and delicious meals for all employees.
  • Identity & Vitality
    • With beautiful paintings and photographs, employees will feel like at home. We believe that comfortable environment will increase energy and passion at work!
    • The Employee Welfare Committee organizes a variety of activities like the year-end party, annual travel, regular dinner parties and other social activities for employees to forge closer relationships. ITS helping its employees to achieve a work-life balance with better performance.
  • Learning & Development
    • Every employee is ITS’s precious resource, therefore, ITS is always encourage employees to reach the highest potential by offering professional and core competency training. In every position, regardless of a rookie or a senior employee, we will have appropriate development programs so that our employees can come together and form a high-caliber team to serve our customers. We are always on the lookout to identify employees with potential and groom them to become our technological or management specialists. Their growth will ensure ITS’s growth as well.